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When was Glass invented

The period of the invention of glass is quite unknown. Pliny relates that some merchants, driven by a storm to the coast of Phenicia, near the river Belus, made a large fire on the sand to dress some food, using as fuel some of the plant Kali, which grew there in great abundance; an imperfect glass was thus formed by the melting of the sand and ashes together.

This production was picked up by a Syrian merchant, who, attracted by its great beauty, examined the cause of its origin, and, after many attempts, succeeded in its manufacture.

At what place was Glass first made?
Some authors mention Sidon in Syria, which became famous for glass and glass-houses; but others maintain that the first glass-houses noticed in history were built at Tyre; which, they add, was the only place where glass was made for many ages. It is certain that the art was known to the Egyptians.

What countries had glass windows first?
Italy, then France and England; they began to be common about the year 1180.

In what year, and where, was the making of glass bottles begun?
In 1557, in London. The first glass plates for mirrors and coach-windows were made at Lambeth, in 1673.