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Scilla Campanulata

Scilla CampanulataThere are few old gardens which do not abound with the Scilla Campanulata plant; it bears great affinity to our Hare-bell, with which it appears to have been confounded by most Botanists. Parkinson thus discriminates it: "This Spanish bell-flowred Jacinth is very like the former English or Spanish Jacinth, but greater in all parts, as well of leaves as flowers, many growing together at the toppe of the stalke; with many short greene leaves among them, hanging doune their heads with larger, greater, and wider open mouths, like unto bels of a darke blew colour, and no good sent."

Though not remarkable for the fineness of its colours, or pleasing from its fragrance, the Scilla Campanulata contributes with other bulbous plants to decorate the flower border or plantation in the spring, when flowers are most wanted.

It is very hardy, and increases abundantly by offsets; its seeds also ripen well.