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Plants and Tropical Fish and an Aquarium

The aquarium for your fish should be as large as it can be. Fish do better if they have plenty of space, besides, there are so many beautiful varieties that you will be sure to want to add more once you start. But remember that the bigger the tank, the heavier it will be when full of water. Most aquariums come with a warranty against cracking and leaking, but that usually only holds good if they are on the recommended stand. Since a stand of some sort is necessary to support the aquarium, so you should keep in mind if you want it to be on a cupboard or table, or on a purpose built stand.

If the table used to hold the aquarium is not completely flat, it will stress the glass which may then crack and leak, causing a great deal of damage to carpets and flooring, not to mention the fish. Make sure the floor is structurally strong enough to support the weight of the aquarium too. The neighbors won’t appreciate a fishy shower pouring through their ceiling. For optimum safety, be sure to read all the manufacturer’s instructions when setting up your aquarium.

Aquariums come in several different shapes. They can be round, square and many other shapes besides. You will need a filter, thermostat, heater, pump and lights for your aquarium. Lights are not strictly necessary, but greatly enhance the visual effect and also keep the plants healthy. Be sure to thoroughly wash everything that’s to go in the aquarium first. But don’t use soapy water! Gravel needs to be washed under running water, then pour boiling water over it to kill any bacteria that may be lingering there. While thinking on aquarium hygiene, remember to wash your hands thoroughly after handling your fishy things, just as you would after handling other animals and reptiles.

Plants will enhance your tropical fish setting and some provide food for the fish as well. One of the most popular aquarium plants is called Echinodorus Bleheri. It grows from 15 to 55 cm, has fast growth and low light requirements and likes the water to be 21-31 degrees centigrade.

Anubias Augustifolia has long narrow leaves that herbivorous fish don’t seem to eat, which is handy. At least it won’t disappear overnight. It grows slowly, but it is very easy to grow. If you want to see underwater flowers, pick Anubias Coffeefolica, which are also easy to grow and has attractive leaves.

Bacopa Monnieri thrives in most conditions and you can propagate more simply by cutting a piece off and planting it. It needs moderate to high light, so won’t grow with those that prefer less.

An easy and fast-growing plant that absorbs nutrients from the water and helps to contain algae is Hygrophila Difformis, a fast and easy grower. If the leaves turn pale add some more fertilizer.

Java moss is great because it attaches itself to rocks, roots or driftwood. You can’t go wrong with this easy to grow aquarium plant. It will grow in any kind of water at any temperature. There are many more varieties of plants available from fish nurseries.