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Order Lepidoptera: butterflies and moths

The wings of these insects when touched leave a dust upon the fingers; this, when examined by a marnifier, found to consist of minute scales, hence from the Greck word, Lepis, a scale, we get the name Lepidoplera, or scaly-winged insects. The larvae, generally known as Caterpillars, present a great variety of forms, and are all strikingly different from the perfect or parent insects. As these are generally vegetable-feeders, the Order is regarded as the most injurious of the seven.

Notwithstanding this, in their perfetct state, they are among the most beautiful creatures in the insect world. The Order is divided into Butterflies and Moths. The former are day-fliers, and their feelers or anlennce are thickened at the end, and terminate in a kind of knob. The moths have their feelers pointed at the tip, and sometimes with small side-brauches. They mostly fly at night, bnt a subdivision of them fly at twilight.