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Narcissus Incomparabilis Peerless Daffodil

Narcissus Incomparabilis Peerless DaffodilThis species of Narcissus, though well described and figured by the old Botanists, especially Parkinson; has been overlooked by Linnaeus.

The Narcissus Incomparabilis is a very hardy bulbous plant, and flowers in April; in its single state it is very ornamental, the petals are usually pale yellow, and the nectary inclined to orange, which towards the brim is more brilliant in some than in others; in its double state, it is well known to Gardeners, by the name of Butter and Egg Narcissus, and of this there are two varieties, both of which produce large shewy flowers, the one with colours similar to what we have above described, which is the most common, the other with petals of a pale sulphur colour, almost white, and the nectary bright orange; this, which is one of the most ornamental of the whole tribe, is named in the Dutch catalogues, the Orange Phoenix; its blossoms are so large as frequently to require supporting.

Like most of the tribe, this species will grow well without any care, the bulbs of the double sort should be taken up yearly, otherwise they are apt to degenerate.