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Lavatera Trimestris Annual Lavatera

Lavatera Trimestris Annual LavateraThis plant is undoubtedly the Spanish blush Mallow of Parkinson, and the Lavatera althaefolia of Miller according to the former, it is a native of Spain, according to the latter, of Syria.

Miller considers it as distinct from the trimestris; Aiton has no althaefolia. We are therefore to conclude that the althaefolia of Miller, and the trimestris of Linneus are one and the same species.

Of the annuals commonly raised in our gardens, this is one of the most shewy, as well as the most easily cultivated; its seeds are to be sown in March, on the borders where they are to remain, the plants, thinned as they come up, and kept clear of weeds.

It varies with white blossoms, and flowers from July to September.