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Iberis Gibraltarica Gibraltar Candy Tuft

Iberis Gibraltarica Gibraltar Candy TuftThe flowers of the Iberis Gibraltarica plant, a native of Gibraltar, bear some resemblance to those of the Common Candy-Tuft, but when they blow in perfection, they are usually twice as large; hence they are highly ornamental in the green-house, which early in the Spring, the time of their coming forth, stands in need of some such shewy flowers.

This plant is easily raised from cuttings, and easily preserved; the Iberis Gibraltarica may be kept through the Winter in a common hot-bed frame, and in mild Winters will stand abroad, especially if sheltered amongst rock-work; its greatest enemy is moisture in the Winter season, this often proves fatal to it, as indeed a long continued damp atmosphere does to many others.

In a little greenhouse which I had in my late garden most of the plants became absolutely mouldy; in such seasons then, though in point of cold the Iberis Gibraltarica plants may not require it, we must dissipate the superfluous moisture by a gentle heat.