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From what is the word Parchment taken

The word Parchment is taken from Pergamena, the ancient name of this manufacture, which it is said to have taken from the country of Pergamus; and to Eumenes, king of that country, its invention is usually ascribed, though in reality, that prince appears to have been the improver, rather than the inventor of parchment; since some accounts refer its invention to a still earlier period of time.

Herodotus, an ancient Greek historian, who lived about 450 years before Christ, relates that the ancient Ionians (The inhabitants of Ionia, an ancient country in the western part of Asia Minor) made use of sheep and goat-skins in writing, many ages before the time of Eumenes; the Persians of old, too, wrote all their records on skins, and probably such skins were prepared and dressed for that purpose, after a manner not unlike our parchments, though not so artificially.