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Cistus Ladaniferus Gum Cistus

Cistus Ladaniferus Gum CistusOne of the most ornamental hardy shrubs we possess; at once pleasing to the eye, and grateful to the smell; for, as Miller observes, the whole plant in warm weather exudes a sweet glutinous substance, which has a very strong balsamic scent, so as to perfume the circumambient air to a great distance.

Its blossoms, which appear in June and July in great profusion, exhibit a remarkable instance of quickly-fading beauty, opening and expanding to the morning sun, and before night strewing the ground with their elegant remains: as each succeeding day produces new blossoms, this deciduous disposition of the petals, common to the genus, is the less to be regretted.

Is a native of Spain and Portugal, prefers a dry soil and warm sheltered situation, and in very severe seasons requires some kind of covering.

Is readily increased from cuttings; but Miller remarks, that the best plants are raised from seeds.

Varies with waved leaves, and in having petals without a spot at the base.

Is not the plant from whence the Ladanum of the shops is produced, though affording in warmer countries than ours a similar gum, hence its name of ladanifera is not strictly proper.