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Choosing Ornamental Shrubs and Flowers for your Garden

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Choose regardless of any slighting remarks the good old species which have stood the test of a thousand years and which today furnish the root and basis for all the horticultural freak varieties that bring fancy prices and which deteriorate to nothing after a year or so of crowded and profusely vulgar bloom. Sometimes there is no description, except the color of the flowers given, and one might guess at the wrong one, so for convenience sake it will be best to list the best shrubs for the door yard in several groups according to classification and refinement.
It is well to repeat that in planting one should always leave a wide open lawn; plant the outer border heavily with a mass of rather dense shrubs thereby attaining a sort of privacy on the grounds and maintaining avdefinite form and outline to the property. Plant also with a more refined class of shrubs against the foundations and corners of the building and cover the front porch with a few good clean vines.

In the border plantation use the less refined plants farthest away from the approach; use a variety of kinds, but enough of one type in a place to produce a definite effect of light, shade, color, flower, or fruit. There are many shrubs which are good all the season through. The flowers are by no means the only beautiful things in nature. There are the bright leaves in spring and fall berries some of which hang on all winter. Others are evergreen or semi-green and in many cases the fall color of leaves is astounding. There are many different shades of green in leaves, which when mixed are exceedingly interesting, while variations in bark color and type are as good as a collection of museum curios.